Pansion Unijana

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Unijana for you, to you.

On the Island of Unije, in a little paradise of nature, car-free, only a few meters away from the sea, surrounded by the Mediterranean macchia and the scent of aromatic herbs, you can find 'Unijana', a small family run hotel and an agritourist centre.
In a stony, rustic, traditionally furnished house we can provide lodging for twenty-odd guests during the whole year.

Come as if you were coming home, or as in the times when you hurried cheerfully to the shelter of your grandma's house. If you have a large family come, and bring those you have not seen for a long time, or just come on your own and make new friends. Become a part of the planetary family.

If you would like to enrich yourself with new knowledge or reward others with yours, Unijana is the right place for you.
If you need the simplicity of peace and relaxation, we are expecting you!

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